Our Vision

Our vision is to become the benchmark of Adventure Motorcycling companies in Southern Africa.
  • Safety/Security – Our client’s safety and security is our top priority whilst traveling through Africa.
  • Experience – We strive to create an experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life.
  • Reliability – AAMT pledges to provide a reliable service to our clients from start to finish.
  • Commitment – AAMT is 100% committed to our clients, no request is too big or too small.
  • Comfort – Our clients need to be comfortable on and off the bikes.
  • Passion for our Brand – The owner/partners and staff of AAMT are passionate about adventure motorcycling.
  • Service – “A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits.  They will be embarrassingly large.” -Henry Ford 
  • Business Responsibility – Our tours showcase Africa, it’s people, it’s fauna and its flora.  As a responsible business we believe that we need to re-invest in the sustainability of Africa and all that goes with it, therefor a percentage of each tour price will be donated to a worthy cause.
  • Value for Money – AAMT strives to provide tours with no hidden costs.  We make your tour as fully inclusive as possible.  Please feel free to test us or to discuss any queries you might have. 
  • Business Integrity – We will not compromise the extraordinary quality of our business vision and your tour experience to make an extra buck.  Each tour is accompanied by one of our partners to ensure that a professional hassle-free adventure takes place in line with our “10 Commandments”.


We are a registered Tour Operator in South Africa and our guides are certified to conduct adventure tours in Southern Africa.