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Rowland The Adventurer

Meet Rowland, he is a modern-day adventurer.  A registered and qualified Tour Operator and an amazing story teller who has a passion for long distance adventure motorcycling.  Rowland has 10 years of Military and Police Law Enforcement experience.  Rowland also has 20 years Corporate business Security Management experience.  A well seasoned traveler and has a passion for adventure travel and the outdoor life.  He is a certified and experienced scuba diver, as well as a certified cave diver.  In addition to this, Rowland has a love for sharks and enjoys free diving with them.  Rowland is also a competitive fly fisherman, who also enjoys Kayak and Jet Ski Fishing.  Rowland has also completed the epic 94Km Comrades Marathon.

But the love of his life is long distance remote adventure motorcycling.  Having ridden Africa extensively and just finished his latest adventure – a solo motorcycle trip around Australia during the summer of 2019.

Come ride with his company – Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours and experience a two wheel motorcycle experience of a life time.  He has an enduring love for Africa, its amazingly friendly people and its wild fauna and flora. 



The Adventurer

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