He has completed over 1000 tours throughout South Africa and the neighbouring SADC countries.  Louwrens has led motorcycle tours into Africa and is well acquainted with the routes.  He was born and raised in SA and spent a lot of time in the outdoors, being raised on a Nature Reserve.

 I can drive anything with wheels, but 2 wheels move the soul.

Louwrens The Adventurer

Meet Louwrens, he is a partner of AAMT and will be part of the crew; either leading the pack or driving as back up.

I have been privileged to see a great part of this magnificent continent.  Its interesting places, awesome nature and curious peoples.

As head guide and partner of AAMT, I would like to assure you that we do only our best to deliver a quality, value for money real time experience.  Our priority is your safety and satisfaction.  Our team are looking forward to be of service to you or to help with any queries that you may have.

Louwrens has completed his military service, worked and travelled abroad and has performed many functions within the travel and hospitality industries.  He has a technical and mechanical knowledge of motorcycles and is also an advanced driving instructor.

Louwrens is a qualified and registered Tour Guide and has been in the industry since 2008.  He is qualified in First Aid, an experienced rider and well versed about South Africa and its neighbours.