2020 Has really kicked a lot of people in the groin and it will never be the same for anybody. The Corona Virus enormity and effect played out across the world with hard lockdowns to now relaxed regulations.

AAMT will absorb the single supplement rate for any of our single tourists.

Here’s some FAQ’s about the Corona Virus effect in South Africa and the current situation.

Question 1: Is South African Borders open to allow International Tourists?

Yes, South Africa’s International borders are open as of 1 October 2020. Travel is allowed and ALL attractions are open for visitors.

Question 2: How bad is the Corona situation in South Africa?

Up to 1 October 2020, we had 674 000 infections of which 608 000 recovered and 16 734 lost their lives. Our national recovery rate is at 90.2% (Population 59 mil) and fatality rate at 2.5%.

Question 3: Will I be at greater risk of infection than any other country?

Absolutely not.

The entire Tourism sector adhere to strict measures as guidelined by WHO and other Health organizations. As bikers, we naturally are at lesser risk due to personal distancing, buffs, gloves, helmets, etc.

Infections are nationally on a dramatic decline. South Africa is currently at low risk.

Question 4: How are tour prices affected by this international pandemic?

The result of the Corona virus caused many business shutdowns and personal hardship. The lack of tourists has sadly caused the demise of many in the industry.

There is a great eagerness to commence business and resulted in a huge slash in prices at attractions and guest accommodations. This will help attract visitors, revive the industry and save many livelihoods.

Question 5: Which Countries are allowed entry into SA?

All African Countries are allowed entry. For an updated detailed list of Countries see link.

Here is the full list of high risk countries that won’t be allowed to visit South Africa

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