It can be a worrying challenge, booking, packing & flying to the next unknown. Some parts of the world are indeed predictable and enough time spent with Google and the Lonely Planet would do the trick. To do it all on the back of a motorcycle in an unfamiliar African country can be a daunting task.

Venturing a bit more of the radar and the great unknown can certainly be a stressful mystery and up to date accurate info always proofs priceless. Since we’re an extraordinary Tour Company, going to extraordinary places, one can expect a few questions not on the web or in the textbooks.

Question # 1 What are the licencing requirements to operate a motorcycle in Africa?

Any foreign valid motorbike licence is accepted as according to our requirements. Thus, you would be able to rent and operate a motorbike on our tours. Pillions (passengers) do not require any licence for any type of vehicle.

Question # 2 What are the age requirements to do a tour?

Any person older than 21 can book and ride a tour with us. (Pillions 12yo)

Question # 3 Do I need to bring riding gear for the tours?

As a rider or Pillion you will need to bring your riding Gear. (Helmets, gloves, jackets, boots and pants) Enquire about our rental options, depending on availability.

Question # 4 Which make of motorcycles do you utilize for your tours?

Though we have a fleet of BMW GS Adventure bikes, it is possible to enquire about other makes. We can source a very wide range of motorcycles to cater for each Rider’s preference. Most road surfaces on tour are tarmac and can also be ridden on non adventure motorcycles. Price varies from makes and models.

Question # 5 How big are your groups you can accommodate on tour?

Our maximum tour group size is 20 people and 10 motorcycles. Anything beyond that makes logistics, accommodation, activity & meal availability extremely difficult to obtain.

Question # 6 What skill level do you need to ride a tour in Africa?

The skill level required would be determined by which tour you choose. We have tours where little skill is required with good tarmac road surfaces and we have tours with more technical gravel tracks.

Question # 7 Are you only based in Johannesburg only?

Our main base of operation is in Johannesburg, Gauteng, but we have a branch in the Mother City of Cape Town, running day and overlanding tours and offering bike rentals.

Question # 8 What is the safety risk on a motorcycle on tour in Africa?

As anywhere in the world there is the risk of an accident or dropping the bike on an awkward surface. The biggest risk will always be around the more populated cities and towns. Animals can be a great risk, the biggest with night travelling. We only ride in the daylight hours so we can maintain 100% vision and reduce the risk. If you maintain your vigilance and apply the standard defensive driving techniques, you would dramatically minimize the risk of anything happening to you.

Question # 9 Is there any support in the event of a breakdown?

We conduct our tours with the support of a backup vehicle. Depending on group sizes. We also have back up motorcycles to ensure a smooth schedule is maintained.

Question # 10 What happens if I get injured or tired and can’t ride anymore?

In the event of an injury the severity of the injury would determine if you can carry on with the tour (hospitalization etc). If it is rider fatigue it’s not a problem. In any event we load the bike on our trailer and the injured or fatigued rider can hop in the back up vehicle until they can ride again

Question # 11 What are the Visa requirements for South Africa and the rest of Africa?

For up to minute Visa regulations you can check with your local travel agent, most African countries have a cash for Visa system at the border or online purchase option. Some countries are exempt and get a 3-month entry, ie, USA, UK. Germany etc.

Question # 12 What time of the year is the best weather conditions?

We are fortunate with all-round nice weather. To avoid extreme warm conditions, it is good to visit from March – Dec, whilst July + August are the coldest months with sub-zero min temperatures.

Question # 13 What types of food can we expect on tour?

We have a very wide variety of foods on tour. Expect a mixture of fresh meats, veggies, pastries & dairy. We also cater for any dietary requirement.

Question # 14 How does your tour booking schedule work?

We have an open booking schedule with all our tours except the Ultimate Tours, meaning we don’t have a minimum required amount of bookings to run a tour. You can book any of these tours at any time. 

Question # 15 Are there any hidden costs along the way?

Absolutely not. All our tour prices are as inclusive as possible. You pay the price you are quoted. 

Question # 16 Do I have to remain in the group the whole time?

No, there is plenty of leisure time which will allow time for private excursions.

Question # 17 Will there be time for optional activities during the tour?

Absolutely, our tour routes are designed to include all the points of interest and activities along the way. In the case of an activity not included in the tour price, you would have the opportunity to participate at your own cost.

Question # 18 Is there a discount for a group booking?

Yes, we offer group discounts on our tours. Refer to the Pricing page for details.

Question # 19 Do we have refreshments and water on tour?

Yes, we offer inclusive on our Tours, refreshments like Tea/Coffee/Water.

Question # 20 How much time do we spend on the Motorcycles?

We only ride during daylight hours on our tour to maintain safe conditions. Our average daily distance is around 250KM. Sitting time on the bike varies between 1-3hours at a time. 


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